recondition world

Reconditon World is the leading supplier and purchaser of all kinds of Used and Second Hand Heavy Industrial Electrical Items like Motors, Transformers, Panels, Generators, Ferrous and Non Ferrous items, Sick Unit Plants and Factories, and All kinds of Industrial Machinaries.
We have been in the business of Buying and Supplying Used Electrical Motors since last 30 years. Any Electrical motor with strength between 10 HP and 1000 HP is the one which suits us and the needs of sour clients.

Our Range includes

*Single Phase Motor
*Three Phase Motor
*Heavy Electric Motors .
*DG Generator Set. (DG : Diesel Genrator)
*Electrical Panel
*Heavy Air Condition Plant
*Cold Room
*Ship Equipments
*Hotel Restaurent Equipments
*Hydraulic Cranes
*Hydra Cranes
*Rolling Mill Equipment
*Sugar Plant Equipment
*Rice Mill Plant
*Floor Mill Plant
*TMT Plants
*Textile Plants
*Leather Tannery Plants

We deal in all types of DG Sets and Panels..