Used Tandoor
Used Hot Plate
Used Softy Machine
Used Sanitary Ware
Used Table with Sink
Used Four Door Fridge
Used Four Burner Range
Used Three Burner Range
Used Two Burner Range
Used Single Burner Range
Used Coffee Machine
Used Under counter fridge
Used Salamander
Used Chole Bhature Counter
Used Prover
Used Working Table
Used Chimney Hood
Used Vertical Fridge
Used Makeline
Used Sandwich Griller
Used Chinese Burner Range
Used Deep Freezer
Used Ben Merry
Used Dough Mixer

Our Services

Recondition World We Buy & Sell - Liquidator of Restaurant Equipment. We Sell to All! Restaurants, schools, home chefs and more! Open to The Public! Are You Selling Equipment? - Sell to Us! Do you have restaurant equipment you want to sell? Give us a call!
We have taken out many Restaurants that have closed down or sold off some of their equipment, Large and Small Food Service Operations. From Delhi's, Catering, Bakeries, Chinese Restaurants, Pizza Places, Tavern's, Fast Food Operations, Ice Cream Stores, Liquor Stores, Nursing Homes, Schools, Meat & Fish Outlets, Cookie Retail Stores, and many more!

    We are fully insured
    15 Trucks are available for removing restaurant equipment-new or used
    EPA Certified Licensed Technicians available, when needed
    Buying Since 1985
    We have cooking range, ben merry, barbecue, grinder, display counter, under counter, deep freezer, work table, dosa tawa, grillers.

Our Satisfied Customers

    Gyanis ice cream pizza.
    Squar solden feasts handi restaurant.
    Udipi restaurant grills sagar restaurant.
    Dominos nirulas aap ki khatir blue ribbon baker bite pizaria.